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First blog – Paing Hein Htet (Pai)

One evening, I was going through my email and there was an email notification. The sender is from the Saphan Siang. Without any hesitation, I opened the email and it says I have been selected as Youth Ambassador for the Saphan Siang Campaign! It is just so awesome. Saphan Siang campaign has been all over the news and obviously, there will be amazing projects. It is an honour to be part of this campaign.

Our first assignment was the Orientation camp in Udon Thani. Thanks to our hardworking and caring coordinator, Aanas (or P’Ahm as I would like to call), we safely arrived at the Centara Hotel and Convention Center on the 14th March, 2014. My impression was more than words could describe. We were really treated as Ambassadors! Amazing food, impressive accommodation and most importantly, we had awesome support from the coordinators and the organizers – Aanas, Anna and Eliza. A big shoutout to their awesome support!

The most impressive instance was when they planned a huge surprise for us – private acoustic concert by BodySlam along with MTV Exit youths. To be honest, I am not that familiar with their songs, however, I believe it is a rare opportunity. We were just literally, a few feet away from them! However, it’s not all about enjoying live and having fun. We did come across so many precious information and trainings! A deep analysis on migration problems, awesome Social Media training session with Adam and memorable presentations are all neatly packed in this two days orientation. Thanks to those activities, we learned new insights on the migration problems. For instance, adopting a positive attitude can immensely change the life of the migrants.

There is also one special feature of this camp: friends!

Even though we have never met before, we became brothers and sisters within a short matter of time. The underlying reason could be the motivation. Deep down inside our minds, we are driven by our single-minded determination that is to make better lives for the migrants. I am more than happy to know that we will be working for the same cause for next five months and hope to continue our acquaintances even after we graduate from this campaign.

Being able to join this campaign has already been an honour. Being a Youth Ambassador for the Saphan Siang and Volunteer at the partner organizations will be lifetime memories. This campaign will surely help me in building better lives for the migrants which is my objective. As Anna described, this campaign is also for us, in terms of acquiring skills and experiences for our career. From here, I would like to say thanks to Aanas, Anna, Eliza and all those who are involved in this campaign, empowering us and the migrants. Thanks to you, I could shout and sing the hit-song, Everything is Awesome!



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