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First blog – ธีรเมธิศวร์ เหลืองอุบล (บาส)

Bard Dhiramedhist

The orientation training at Udon Thani was undoubtedly a meaningful first step to be Sapan Siang Youth Ambassador officially. During those 2 days, my confidence to be part of the program, to engage with migrant workers, has been boosted up through well-prepared activities.

Some myths about migration have been rectified by realities provided. I also have trained to use social media, more than just for convenient interaction tools among friends, but as my additional free instrument to publicize some social issues; in particular to promote understanding with migrants, and ultimately improve public attitudes towards migrant workers — as the main goal of the program.

In addition to the introduction to the campaign and the presentation of host organization profiles, I really enjoyed the simulation workshop—planning and developing project— which my friends and I planned to raise funds, for workshop on migrant worker, by selling T-shirt. Though it ended up with just a plan, a goal without a plan is just a wish, isn’t it?

Apart from that practical information, other youth ambassadors whom I met are also amazing. They amazed me with their various extraordinary backgrounds…for instance, two of them are Burmese native speakers, whereas another two are from the deep south of Thailand. These people are totally friendly; really talkative and seriously energetic — this is why I feel so lucky to meet them all, work with them till the end of the campaign and surely become forever friends.

Lastly, I enormously appreciate all instructors who spent their time and work hard to bring us the first step toward getting ready for all kind of challenges. As a result of the orientation, I’m now so confident to be the active agent of change in my own community to improve the public perception of migrant workers in Thailand, to make our country become migrants’ home like their countries of origin, where were once believed to be the only home sweet home. I seriously appreciate their contribution—both economically and societally—to Thailand, no matter they are from, since they came, here is neither yours nor mine but our home.



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