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[Ep.2] Jirawan Jinnatanaphong @ World Vision

After one and half months of volunteering with the World Vision End Trafficking in Persons (ETIP) project, I had the opportunity to join the World Vision Youth Sessions held in Udon Thani with MTV Exit. The World Vision Youth came together to watch the video clips which they had filmed and edited themselves. The MTV Exit team commented on their video clips and made suggestions for improvement for next time. They discussed where to promote the video, when to show the video, and who is the target group. They also talked about how to make the video interesting. In the end, the World Vision Youth have to be able to promote their video clip in their community. In the evening we went to the MTV EXIT Live in Udon Thani concert. We had a very special seat- stand seat 55555 right in front of the stage and very close to the singers. I could see Palmy sing without wearing shoes and Bodyslam shake their heads – so close I could feel their sweat!

Jirawan 01

I have also had the chance to participate in organizing a youth camp. I helped P’Toffee, my supervisor during the project, to prepare everything for the camp – including setting the curriculum, preparing equipment for entertainment, and making contact with local staff. At the camp, I registered the youth, took photographs of all the activities, and in general took care of the youth. We brought youth from 6 areas – Ranong, Sangkla, Mukdahan, Maesai, Maesot and Arunyaprathet, to train them about anti- human trafficking in their area. We taught the youth about how different organizations work with victims of human trafficking, and we visited the Shelter for Families and Children in Chonburi. At the shelter we saw many victims living in the shelter happily. The shelter also encourages them to go to school. We then took the youth sightseeing at Pattaya Walking Street to see real experience of trafficking in society. At the youth camp, we aimed to implant knowledge, leadership and speech skills to the young people who will be the next leader in their area.

Jirawan 02

Later on, I joined the training of the youth network on how to be beware of trafficking and how to protect themselves from falling victim to human trafficking. World Vision brought youth from Children and Youth Councils from 77 provinces around Thailand. The youth participated in discussions about trafficking problems in their area. I learnt a lot from this training – the real experience from the victims, training about anti-human trafficking, and the important role that youth can play in their communities in the fight against trafficking. All of the World Vision youth joined the Human-Trafficking Day at United Nations. The delegate from the youth team spoke on stage with the deputy of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Working with the ETIP project is a valuable experience that money can’t buy. Some of the work may not see a positive result immediately – it may takes 5-10 years or one’s life to see the progress. But it is still worth it. I’ve gained a lot of experience from this work. I work with very nice and powerful people which inspire me too. They don’t only teach me how to work but they also share their life and experiences – sometimes I thinks they are my brothers and sisters. Thanks to the staff of Saphan Siang, World Vision and the many other people I met during the work. It has been one of the greatest experience in my life!

Jirawan 03




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