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[ Ep. 3 ] Jirawan Jinnatanaphong @World Vision (ETIP)

Epi 3: REFLECTION                                                                           

It is finally (and sadly) the end of my time with World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) and ETIP project. I have completed many tasks and involved in many projects and field trips. I also worked a lot with children and youth during my time there. We helped to conduct activities and games, trained them about child rights and basic knowledge about human trafficking, in the hope that they will be able to avoid being victims of trafficking. We took them to migrant community in border areas where we set information booths and educated the community about safe migration. We also showed video about human trafficking.., among other things

Jirawan 02

Let me bring up one of those experiences. During a field trip in Sangkhlaburi, I had the chance to talk to a migrant worker who had recently entered the country. He shared with me how his friends and he felt fortunate to have the opportunity to work in Thailand. He wanted to know how to be registered formally and working legally in the country, but didn’t have the chance to do so. We were reminded immediately that one of the main reasons for many Myanmar workers to enter Thailand is the economic motivation and the hope to gain a higher wage for themselves and their families…ETIP staff said that the same problem can also be seen from different angels. Some of these young men and women migrated with a Bachelor’s degree from Myanmar; although they gain higher wages, many ended up as blue-collar workers. Some were undocumented workers and were rejected by local authority – some came through a broker. This is one of many encounters during my journey as Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador, which had allowed me to understand more about realities migrant workers face in Thailand. 

The problem of migrant workers cannot be solved by one person, but by everyone. I feel proud to be part of the efforts to improve the situation. Although small steps, I think they make an impact on some migrants workers whom I met. It is also true that we may not see the result of our work tomorrow, but I hope these small steps will trigger a bigger change. 

Jirawan 01

Saphan Siang campaign has given me one of the best opportunities in my life. I was never aware of migrant worker issues before – this programme has changed my world. Even though I study and work in accounting field, I can spread important awareness of and build understanding about migrant worker issues – the slogan of Saphan Siang – for the people around me, including friends and family.

I would like to thank ETIP and World Vision staff for their warm and find support. I went to work happily every time and enjoyed all the trips I was able to join. Thanks to all my fellow Youth Ambassadors for helpful advice and encouragement. I am truly glad to have met all of you. Lastly, my special thanks to Saphan Siang campaign and the staff there and for bringing us together in this wonderful journey. I hope to be able to work with these great people again in the near future.  ^-^

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