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[ Ep. 3 ] Boonnian Na Thalang

Boonnian Na Thalang

Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador programme is the bridge that took me to a place where I was made aware of the essence of the campaing and realised why the ‘bridge of voices’ is needed. As a Youth Ambassador, I became a voice for migrant workers and spread information and awareness to others, while learning to have a positive interaction with them.

It was the most precious six-month period that was spent as a Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador. Having interacted with migrant workers countless times, I didn’t find communication barrier to hinder our work. We could communicate and understand each other by using of body language. What’s important I think was that we were willing enough to learn from one another.

In my team – LRA or Labour Rights for All, which aims to support labor rights of migrant workers and prevent labour exploitation through the knowledge of their rights – I had the opportunity to review many cases in alongside my host organisation, MAP Foundation. Having the chance to assist in a number of interrogation allowed me to understand about realities many migrants here face. It is greatly disheartening to know that there were defenseless migrant workers (i.e. those with phisical disabilities) who were exploited by others. Most came to Thailand with the hope to get a better job and have a better life for themselves and their families, but the reality can be very different.

Today, even though migrant workers are better prepared to cross the border with more awareness of their rights,  it is not enough. I mean sometimes they have all the necessary documentation to enter Thailand, some do not know how to utilise it. Because of this, they are prone to abuses and exploitation. This is why continuing to help them is our important task that we can’t ignore.

Six months seemed to be a long time. I have leatned many things, but still think that there are many other things that I need to know and there are more helps that need to be given. Because of this, I think that I will continue to help at MAP Foundation can keep up with new update.  Fai and I have been in the process on setting up Migrant Voices club in Chinag Mai University, so we hope to use this channel for the benefit of migrant workers.

This campaign has also allowed me to make new friends and continue to exchange information – our experiences on migrant woker issues – and we know that we all want to continue to help migrant workers in any way we can. So we will not stop here!

On this occasion, I would like to thank Saphan Siang for giving me the best opportunity to learn new things, especially for changing my attitudes towards migrant workers. I would like to say thank also to MAP Foundation for past six months! We lived and worked together like a family. I deeply appreciate everyone single help, I look forward to working with you again!

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