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Pot Phetlorlian (20)

Pot Phetlorlian

Host organisation: Labour Rights Promotion Network (LPN) – Samut Sakhon

“The best answer is not the answer, but the action.”

Being a Political Science student, I’m familiar with issues relatign to human rights and migration. Yet I’ve only realised that these knowledge has long influenced my perception on migrant workers.

The land of smiles, seems quite limited after all. Perhaps, the charming smiles are never meant for migrant workers. I think the smiles sometimes have hidden agendas. Thai people constantly reap the benefits from migrant workers, but never once have we stopped for a second and considered what we have benefited from them. Considering this issue, I think the real impact can come from both ‘thinking’ and ‘taking action.’ Being part of the programme I’m glad to have the opportunity to act. I will act knowing that Thailand’s success partially come from these migrants. Meanwhile, let’s make the Thai smiles real smiles!



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