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[Ep.1] Wiwat Maneematcha @HRDF Mae Sot Office, Tak


I feel privileged to have this opportunity to learn and network with so many organizations that share a common cause to advocate for many voiceless migrant workers in Thailand. I am extremely grateful toward my host organization, Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF), and Saphan Siang campaign for allowing me to participate in the Youth Ambassador Program. I’ll be serving as a volunteer for the Labor Law Clinic, and I’m thrilled to be advocating for Myanmar migrant workers in Mae Sot, Thailand.


My first thought about LLC was that the office atmosphere would be rigid, cold and strict like other law offices. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The staff members at LLC are very friendly, welcoming, and eager to teach me while professing a healthy balance of seriousness within themselves. In addition, I am inspired by their mission and purpose to obtain the goals they set before them as an organization. Their dedication has empowered me to strive forward in my studies and continue to self-evaluate and develop a healthy outlook toward the future.



LLC asked if I would participate in the SSYA program in Bangkok to further my knowledge of migrant worker issues. I was beyond excited to participate. There were many amazing speakers from the UN who shared their experiences working with migrant communities. They shared insightful understanding of the difficulties, barriers, and challenges migrant workers face on a daily basis – as well as those that work alongside them in advocating for the rights of migrant workers.

As I listened to the speakers and participated in activities, I continued to ask myself, “Why can’t migrant workers get what they deserve?” Migrant workers contribute to our economy and steer the country forward in a meaningful way. We should respect everyone no matter their nationality, ethnicity, race, gender or religion. We are all humans with a purpose in life. Therefore it is our duty as a society to fight for everyone’s birth rights as humanbeings. As a Youth Ambassador I feel privileged to be able to give the voice to the voiceless and protect their rights.



My first week of my volunteer placement at HRDF was full of excitement! I was able to join a field visit with the staff members to the local radio station (FM 103.75 MHZ). I learned how to operate the equipment and the radio program in order to give the knowledge about labour law to migrant workers in the area, in both in Thai and Myanmar. An hour passed by very quickly! I feel the need to be more prepared to work with this organisation, whether it be to learn more about the law and legal procedures, on top of the need to master my Myanmar language! Untill next time! 🙂 10898155_10204121569102842_7209413030875540126_n

Read Wiwat’s introduction HERE!








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