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[Ep.1] Tananart Sakolvittayanon @World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)


Being assigned to volunteer with World Vision!

World Vision Foundation is a global organization dealing with family, children, and community issues. The section that I will specifically be part of deals with human trafficking issue – ETIP (End Trafficking In Person). The operation is divided in to three parts: policy, prevention and protection. The policy team focuses on advocating new policies for human trafficking. Preventing section focuses on educating people and preventing them from being the victims. Protection section helps and supports those who are the victims of trafficking. My roles is mainly on prevention. Working with World Vision, I hope to gain knowledge on human trafficking and be able to prevent myself and others from being victims.


The orientation training workshop was amazing!

It enabled me to hear from other Youth Ambassadors. I can see others’ passion in working for migrant workers and learning more from their experiences. Many of us are from different places and have different backgrounds and interests. We view the same problems in different lights. Majoring in Economics, I have the tendency to view thing from the economic perspective. Therefore, hearing from others broadens my worldview. Not only were we able to exchange knowledge and experiences, we were also able to build a network and relationship among the Youth Ambassadors, both this round and the previous one.


Building my knowledge on migration and human trafficking!

Aside from that, I also gain knowledge from the speakers who have experience and have been working in the field for a long time. I really like the topic about human trafficking because this makes me understand more about my work that I will be engaging in with World Vision Foundation of Thailand. Also, I had never thought of the gender inequality among migrants before; I can understand more how domestic workers are more vulnerable than other migrant workers. Moreover, the group workshop to think about creating positive image for migrant workers enabled me to understand more about them and think about a project in a more relistic terms. This can make us express our idea based on our background as well.Tananart3

The orientation has provided useful information, and I think it is a great first step for all of us, Youth Ambassadors in this round. I am very excited to meet everyone, and I’m looking forward to the time when everyone has completed their volunteer placements in a few months time!



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