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[Ep.1] Pot Phetlorlian @LPN

A precious opportunity to work on labour migration issues…

The early orientation training workshop that was oranised for all the selected Youth Ambassadors, allowed me to meet like-minded people learn more about labour migration and the project I’ll be involved in – as well as my role as a Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador.  The 20 of us, coming from north to south, got along well since the first day!
The training at the United Nations was useful and many of us get to learn about various issues about the millions of migrant workers and the realities they are facing that are often surprising and sad. I learned that human trafficking is a big part in migration flow in the Greater Mekong Subregion or GMS. In addition, gender is also an important dimension in migration. Mr Francisco from UNWOMEN gave a wonderful presentation about this issue and left us some questions and challenged us to find answers through our volunteer journey. I know this will become clear in each of our journey.
A simulation workshop allows us to brainstorm a project to raise public awareness on migrant workers and their positive contribution to Thailand. The skills received from this session will enable me to further create a project of my own along my volunteer journey. I know at least it would be such a panic!
I have also received a training on how to use social media as an adocacy tool. Mike from IOM-X led this session and let us know how communication can be a crucial element in getting our message across the public. I’ve learned significantly in the past two day, and I’m really looking forward to myolunteer work with LPN. More on this is my next blog!
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