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[Ep.1] Kantheera Tipkanjanarat @HRDF (Bangkok)

At First Sight

I was over the moon when I knew that I was selected as a Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador. I look forward to exciting opportunities in store for me especially working with migrant workers, Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The Saphan Siang campaign had an orientation workshop at UNCC with experts across the field of migrant workers from policy, labor migration issues, women and girls, and social media. I found this workshop highly helpful. It was a migrant workers 101 course that provided an extensive subject background of current situation and ongoing efforts to tackle them. From this, I knew what has been done and where my role as a youth ambassador and a member of civil society can come in.


Every speaker is an expert in the field. It was very privileged to listen to their presentations and ask our burning questions. Stories and insights were eye-opening and inspiring for me to give my full attention and take responsibilities in my duty. Plus, there is also a chance for us to initiate a project after the program from our experiences to make a difference and help migrant workers in one way or another. I think this is handy for us all to further develop our own projects drawn from our firsthand encounters and fresh ideas.

Also, I was excited to meet other youth ambassadors. They were really enthusiastic and capable. Many could speak Burmese and Khmer which is really useful. I hope we will have more opportunities to work together in the future.

Let’s Get Real


Rujiga (Liu) and I are posted to HRDF Bangkok, located in Suttisan area. HRDF mainly focuses on providing legal assistance to migrant workers and monitoring legal cases involving migrant workers in Thailand and in the region. The work here is quite dynamic in the sense that staffs attend conferences and meetings frequently to discuss and consult other NGOs and government agencies. The staffs also visit migrant workers to interview their cases and attend court hearings with them. Often, there are stories to tell and some are very dramatic. In many cases, bureaucracies and police force do not efficiently function. Sometimes, government can be over-reliant on NGOs to take the first step into the issue.

The search of better lives and better jobs have unfortunately put some in vulnerable situations as they enter a foreign land. I believe there are ways that we all can and must do so to ensure decent work for all, not limited to any single nationality.

DSC02672Kantheera Tipkanjanarat (Dream)



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