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This official blog is dedicated to Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors Programme with a goal of reflecting stories and lessons learned from the Youth Ambassadors who have been selected to engage in various volunteer placements relating to migrant worker issues with the campaign’s partner civil society organisations (CSOs). It also serves as a platform for the Youth Ambassadors to share new discoveries and challenges faced in their volunteer placement, as well as to reflect positive messages and contributions migrant workers make to Thai society and economy.

The programme matches selected  students with partner organisations across Thailand for a period of six months to work on projects to promote the rights of migrant workers. Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors are selected and placed according to their skills, experience and interest in migrant worker issues. The Youth Ambassadors will assist the partner organisations, through capacity building or additional service provision, to respond to migrant worker issues and promote the Saphan Siang campaign messages. In doing so, Ambassadors work towards the protection and promotion of migrant workers’ rights throughout Thailand and the region. The Saphan Siang Youth Ambassador programme was officially launched on International Migrants Day – 18 December 2013.

In collaborating with CSOs, the Youth Ambassadors will work under the mandate and for the needs and priorities of the partner organization. The CSO partners will benefit from the support and activities of the Youth Ambassador, and will be involved in the development of assignments and selection of Ambassadors.

The Youth Ambassadors will be provided with ongoing support from the ILO and their universities and other partners, and will gain professional and practical experience in development, migration and human rights issues in Thailand, as well as project management and implementation skills. The Youth Ambassadors will be part of the wide and growing Saphan Siang youth network in Thailand, equipped with the power to be active change makers in their universities and communities.

For more information, please visit Saphan Siang website:

Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors

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